how does it feel like staying at home for a month?

Well, it hasn't been a month yet. I believe it's about day 21 of lockdown in New Zealand. It is safe to say that I am one of the happiest people that is loving this lockdown. It is sad in a way that I can't see T or talk as much in person than usual but I would like to focus on the good things that I have been doing since pre-lockdown days. 
Baking and cooking My housemates and I had done loads of baking and cooking throughout this period. We've made burnt cheesecakes, cookies, pandan cake, orange sponge cake, kek batik, cheesekut, roti canai, kuih tahi itik and more. We've been eating a lot and Alhamdulillah we have the money and opportunities to do so. 
Reading Hello standard 5 Naddy, are you proud of me? I finally have the time and space to read more. Although I've just started but hey, she's reaching her 7-days streak today!! I've been reading for at least 10 mins a day since last week because If the oceans were ink by Carla Power was beautifully wri…

Adrenalin Forest, Christchurch

Let's do this! I said I wanna update more on my blog, so I'm doing it instead of just writing it in my head.
Yesterday, T and I went to the Adrenalin Forest just about 22 mins away from our houses. It was my idea to sign up for this. Because it reminds of Melaka's Skytrex, which we had gone together back in 2019 if I'm not mistaken for bonding time with Fire. It was pretty similar, I thought. Plus, I only remembered good times at Skytrex so, why not we give it a shot ey? I was damn excited before yesterday but hell, I didn't what was coming hahaha

[Okay, it wasn't as bad but I did cry on top of the tree because there was no chicken exit and T was at the end of the bridge already.]
We have 3 hours, from 10am -1pm to do whatever level we wanted. There were 8 levels in total - 1, 2, 3, 3B, 4, 5, 5B, 6. So, we did from Level 1 in hoping to make all the way to Level 6. 
Level 1 was pretty easy but it was not as easy as I thought it would be but it was probably easy …

2019; a reflection

hey, guess who's back? hahaha wah, it's been so long since I've written the last post. I've been wanting to blog, as usual, me all day, all week but didn't do it anyway. so here I am, after 11 days of procrastinating my past year review.
last year has been...honestly, I don't even remember most parts except for when I flew here to NZ, and the loss of my dear grandfathers, cousin and grandaunt. I'm sure it was a pretty bittersweet year, so let's recall, shall we? (I'll scroll my pictures while blogging this)
January this day last year, we (Keas) had our Secret Santa 2.0 - that's fun and games 20 - celebrated ain and melon's birthday 22 - my dad got admitted to the hospital - med issues, alhamdulillah everything went well
March 15 - celebrated Nunad's birthday at Encore, Melaka - ah good times 22 - Malam Seribu Bintang after having hard times designing posters for this big event, successful! my boy got the Best Dress Award, so proud 27 - Pe…

how's nz?

after being here in New Zealand for a good one month, hello!!! hello to those who still cares about my blog and my wellbeing!! i'm fine and alive until today, alhamdulillah.
anyway, a month here has been alright. i've been wanting to blog since the first week, but look at me, typing after three weeks of procrastination. things settled down pretty easily for my housemates and i, alhamdulillah. we got amazing house, good wi-fi, nice rooms and everything. we got lots of help from our seniors, they gave us like literally a whole bunch of starter pack (ie rice cooker, some kitchen tools, hair dryer, duvet etc) for us to live here. that has made our life waaay easier. syukur alhamdulillah. i honestly don't know what else to talk about really, when my parents asked me how's life and what am i doing, i have no idea what to answer. it's just cold. very cold hahaha at night, the temperature goes down till -3ÂșC (the lowest we've experienced), which was two days ago, if i&…

a tribute to my late grandfather

it's been slightly more than a month since i experienced a loss of someone close to me, my late grandfather. i've been wanting to write something about this but didn't (idk). a month and i still cry when i think of him. we're not that close but something about him made him a special person in my heart. atuk, he's a great man. he gives without expecting any return, he is known for his generosity. he gives and keeps giving to the people around him including his grandchildren. he never lets us return home without taking some snacks inside the cabinets, or some amount of money. he prayed for us every night, he remembered us in his hajat prayers. he told us he asked Allah for our success. maybe that's why we're having it quite easy in our studies. everytime we visit him, he'll ask, "nadhirah berapa lama lagi dekat Melaka?" "lagi berapa bulan nak fly?" "dah exam? exam macam mana?" etc. he cared for us so much. i miss those questi…